About Us

The Early Years

Diane with Westrose Zelah
Diane pictured in the late sixties with the original Westrose Zelah. Honeysilk in the background

I have been involved with this lovely breed since the late 1960s. It was love at first sight.

Medodaine Golden Retrievers stem from Peggy Owen's 'Westrose' Golden Retrievers whom I was very involved with as a child. I learnt all about trimming, showing and the breed standard from Peggy and for this I owe her a big thank you.

I remember my best friend Teresa and I attending a few Championship shows with Peggy and her two beautiful girls 'Honeysilk' and 'Westrose Zelah. We must have seen some very influential dogs of the day but did not realise it at the time - oh what happy memories!

Westrose Brambledown Honeysilk with her first litter


Diane with Zelah
Diane with Westrose Zelah
Westrose Zelah and Honeysilk
Westrose Zelah and Honeysilk, first attempts at showing

Oh dear, the early learning days! This picture on the left shows how NOT to show a Golden Retriever. I am on the left with the original Westrose Zelah and my very dear friend Teresa is pictured with Westrose Brambledown Honeysilk (Honey), Zelah's mum. How we adored those dogs so much. The pictures above were taken by my father at my childhood home, Claremont, Waverley Road, Bagshot.

Claremont, Waverley Road

Pictured above is Claremont where I was born. - we spent some very happy times there with Honey and Zelah.

And Later On...

Diane, Zelah and her babies

My very first show dog was Westrose Anazelah Of Medodaine (Denmarella Just A Jester ex Westrose Ymareinah) Zelah, stemmed directly back to the Westrose dogs I used to walk when I was a child in the late 1960s and early 70s. Zelah was very beautiful and proved herself in the show ring, having some good wins at Championship and Open show level.

At my very first Championship show, Zelah was placed second in Maiden under Val Birkin (breed specialist). I was hooked on showing after that and had many super wins with her and her progeny.

Unfortunately, I had to say goodbye to Zelah in April 2005 at 14 years old. From Zelah's first litter, nearly all out of her 8 puppies were shown with success - Best puppy - Best of Breed - and Best Veteran awards at Champion and Open show level.

Thankyou to Westrose Anazelah for taking me on this wonderful golden journey.

Peggy with the Westrose Goldens

The Westrose Kennel owned by Mrs Peggy Owen started in 1963 with Brambledwon Honeysilk. She gained her JW in under 12months and later produced Westrose Zelah who won one CC and one Rcc. In 1971 Heronsmarch Duchess was introduced to the kennel and mated to Sh Ch Concord of Yeo. This mating produced Ch Westrose La Renah who was also a JW winner. She is the only Golden Retriever in Cornwall having won 3 CC's. The last one at Crufts in 1979 under Mrs Peggy Robertson.
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